Pools & Hot Tubs

Unless you’re positive that these are salt water pools or just fresh water hot tubs (no chlorine) avoid these at all costs. You may not want to even hang out by these since the chlorine smell can be pretty strong. If you’re smelling chlorine, you’re breathing it in. Salt water pools are fine. Going in the ocean is fine…actually it’s healing unless you happen to live in Southern California where on any given day the beaches are deemed dangerous enough to close because of the spillage and bacteria in the water.

Your skin absorbs a massive amount of material. Think about the patches people use to fight nicotine addiction. The drug makes its way into the bloodstream from the skin. If you go into a chlorinated pool you’re kidding yourself if you think your skin is filtering it out. Various websites will claim that the skin does not absorb chlorine well. If you’re chemically sensitive you should avoid absorbing any at all.