List of Toxic Items

Below is a comprehensive list of items or sources of toxins that have been or can be harmful to my wife and that we recommend other chemically sensitive or injured people avoid.

(Please note that some of these categories get pretty broad and some items listed fall into one or more of the other categories listed.)

  1. Air Fresheners
  2. Fabric Softeners
  3. Herbicides
  4. Pesticides
  5. Perfume/Cologne/Aftershaves
  6. Most lotions, shampoos, conditioners, body sprays, personal care products (anything with fragrance or labeled “unscented”)
  7. Formaldehyde (example: new product and car smells)
  8. Chlorine (example: chlorinated pools, chlorine treated drinking water)
  9. Vehicle exhaust
  10. Building materials (asphalt, pavement, treated wood, paint, sealants, grout, insulation, glues)
  11. Cleaning supplies (bathroom, kitchen, floor, window, all cleaners)
  12. Wet-naps, hand sanitizers, etc
  13. Products made with man made chemicals including plastics and rubber
  14. New carpet (this is extremely toxic…everyone should avoid this especially those with small children or babies)
  15. Scented candles
  16. Smoke (Wood, BBQ, cigarette, burned food, etc)
  17. New clothes, shoes, belts, purses, etc.
  18. Florescent lights (The flicker can bother the eyes in addition to the contents of the lights being toxic if broken)
  19. Teflon fragments and fumes
  20. New leather
  21. Natural Gas – burned or released unburned
  22. Basically anything that’s new and contains chemicals has the potential to harm

Also, being around these products includes going to stores that sell these items. It’s an obvious point but one that people are oftentimes surprised by. Examples would be going to the mall. Malls generally have perfume stores and the perfume circulates throughout the air. Just because you can’t smell the perfume doesn’t mean your body isn’t taking in toxins.