Chemical Injury

Chemical sensitivity (CS) or chemical injury (CI) implies an inability to process everyday chemicals, even at extremely low levels that are considered safe by the mainstream. Typically this can be caused one of two ways; either a single incident of exposure to high levels of toxins or exposure to lower levels of toxins over the course of a longer period of time.

The result can be brain damage and the inability of the immune system to process or deal with chemicals. This can lead to an entire host of reactions and symptoms such as rashes, asthma, brain fog, nausea, visual impairment, dizziness, fatigue, congestion, coughing, heart palpitations, muscle cramps, sinus infections, swollen glands, new or changing allergies to food, etc. Symptoms can vary greatly by individual and by the initial cause of the sickness. In addition, subsequent exposures can lead to very different reactions.

There are far better sources out there beyond this site to learn more about the illness and effects. This site is mostly to help those that have already identified chemicals as having injured them or being a source of discomfort and addresses how to move forward with your life and get on the path to recovery.

Public Perception - How to describe the illness to others.

List of Toxic Items – What we’ve found or experienced to be toxic in our lives.