Chemically Injured

Every year we meet dozens of individuals who have a similar story to ours. Whether it happened over the course of years or from a single incident, an individual can no longer handle the daily exposures to common chemicals we all encounter. Whether it’s just perfume or every chemical they come into contact with, the result is some level of debilitation or discomfort.

This site is a resource for those who have been injured by chemicals. This is dedicated to helping those who have been injured learn from our experience. It’s a resource that can be used as a guide to help change your lifestyle and make life easier.

If you’ve been injured or are extremely sensitive to chemicals, you are not alone and you can get better.

- Update 9/17/13: I have not updated this site in a few years and while I plan on providing a more detailed summary of my wife’s recovery, in the interim please note the link on the right (under Wellness) for the Gupta Programme. This worked.